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Friday, June 30, 2006

Current League Table

Date 30th June 2006

After a blip in recent weeks the first team have dropped down the league. Tomorrow's game against Bolton Villa's will be crucial in determing where The ICC are playing there games next season.

Club --------------- Played ------- Total Pts Illingworth.............................10...............................47 Harden...................................10................................40
New Rover..............................10...............................39
Bolton Villas............................10................................22 Woodhouse .............................10................................19
Addingham ..............................10...............................19
Menston ..................................10.................................19
Ben Rhydding .........................10.................................16 Skipton .....................................10................................6

The ICC 1st XI need to dig deep in the next three games and get back to winning ways.

Come on the ICC!

Brilliant Ben Button's Birthday!

Its Fred's Birthday tomorrow and to celebrate he's throwing a fancy dress party down at the club - the catch being you have to go as someone begininning with the letter 'B'!

Cue, 7 Batmans, 4 Banana Men and 2 Bob The Builders turning up!

Log on soon to see what everyone went as!!!

P.S. Happy Birthday Fred!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Things seen at nets this week!

Poor Carcus took one for the team on Tuesday night, on the receiving end of a Bails drive, he took one right in the knackers! We'd like to say that he has 'Balls of Steel' but he blatently doesn't have!

Carcus after the painful blow! Oo er!

Also seen at nets this week was a quite stunning catch by Andy 'Jonty' Rhodes!

A bit like this...

Only Rhodesy's was 10 times better, well held Andy Lad!

Game 10 - Colton (Home)

Date - 24th June 2006

On Presidents Day at Ilkley Cricket Club, the first team welcomed Colton to Denton Road and the spectators were in for a treat.

Guppy won the toss for the second week running, equalling his personal best from season 2004! Long may that run continue. In this week came the experience and craftiness of Santy Dad for young Richard Rhodes.

Guppy chose to insert the oppo and Rhodesy and Dickie both bowled very well in the opening 7 overs. So much so that the opener threw his wicket away in the 7th over scoring nowt!

Number 3 didn't look up to much either and he was soon back in the pavilion with the score 60-2

Number 4 Paul Sutheland entered the fray and decided his game plan was to bat a lot of overs. Indeed, he was still on 4 runs after 11 overs. At the other end the left-handed opener was looking the part before a mix-up between the two batters and was unfortunate to be run out for 41 by Santy Lad.

After this wickets fell at regular intervals, Cocky back amongst the wickets snaring two victims and Dickie at the other end reaping havoc.
With 12 overs left Ilkley had deservedly got themselves into a great position reducing Colton to 133-9. Sutherland had different ideas however and promptly smashed his way from 39 to 93 before The Hustler got his first ICC wicket and bowled him with 2 overs left. The score now being 206.
Dickie and Cocky the pick of the bowlers with figures of:
Harrison 24-6-84-5
Cocky 6-1-29-2.

A magnificent spread was put on by the Harrison Family, the chocolate muffin particularly delicious!

At the interval, Captain Quaife was keen to impress on his troops that Ilkley were still in the box seat and that it was Colton who had all on to get anything from the game.
Santy Dad and Bails were Ilkley's third new opening partnership of the season and they got the ICC off to a solid start before Bails was unlucky to be caught behind down the legside.
Cocky walked out and he and Santy Dad seemed to quickly stike an understanding of each other and the scoreboard ticked along at a steady rate. However, with the score on 75 Cocky was triggered for an lbw that would have done well to hit another set of stumps! Santy Lad joined Santy Dad at the crease and soon got off the mark with an imperious flick through midwicket for 4. Santy Dad was close to his 50 but young Santy would not be with him as he lobbed one up straight to cover.

Paul Dover joined Senior Sant around drinks and with only 80 runs required from the last 25 overs Ilkley held all the aces. However, a change of bowling by the Colton skipper really slowed things down and both batsmen atarted to find runs were harder to come by. The young off-breaker bowling very well and Santy Dad was bowled by one that turned for a well-crafted 64 with the score 125-4. Out walked Wheels as number 6 and he started to get the score moving along, helping Paul pinch singles with some quick running between the wickets. The Hustler by now had started to get his eye in and was finding the boundary and runs easier to come by before yet again the young spinner bowled a jaffa to remove The Hustler for 25.
Captain Quaife joined Wheels with 12 overs left and 50 runs needed. The ICC ground is big though and both batsmen took advantage with some excellent running between the stumps.

Guppy Lad didn't last as long as he would have liked getting bowled again by the young spinner.

By this stage panic had set in the Ilkley dressing room and the remaining batsmen didn't last long. Wheels and Lager tried to make a game of it at the end when 5 runs from 5 balls were needed but when Wheels was caught for 43 and Dawse and Lager were run out Ilkley demonstrated in a nutshell how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

The mood was sombre in the dressing room and heads down, the lads recognising a real opportunity missed by the ICC.

Up next Bolton Villas and Ilkley must take something from this game if they are to harbour any realistic ambitions of promotion.

Many thanks again to Mr Bailey for the photos!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Crimewatch Update

Have you seen this man?

Ilkley police are looking for this man. Intelligence suggests he is the Criminal Overlord of Ilkleys hooligan element. Police have reviewed CCTV footage of an incident that took place in The Crescent bar on Friday night, 23rd June. The above suspect appeared to lash out at a fellow partygoer who suffered a torrent of xenophobic and jingoistic obsenities.

The suspect is known to have at least 2 aliases, currently 'Dawse' or 'Dos Hos'.

The public are urged NOT to approach this man.

Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you have any information.

Big Hair

Wheels (or Seth Armstrong as we now like to call him) is surely due a haircut. His sideburns are way out of control...

get some weedkiller on it lad!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Out of darkness...

cometh light!

Come on the ICC, pick your heads up and lets get some pointage on the board!


Friday, June 23, 2006

Captain Pedantic

On Saturday 17th June at the Harden game Captain Quaife fired a verbal volley of abuse the ICC dressing room has never seen the like of before. The victim of this nasty tirade? Wheels for some shoddy throwing? No! Santy Lad for a dropped catch? No! Was it then Rhodesy Lad for losing his head at the end of his bowling spell? NO!

So what could have riled Captain Quaife so much that the anger and venom spouting forth was peeling the paintwork from the Harden dressing room?

Well it turns out that yours truly made some major errors in last weeks Match Report and El Capitano was not impressed!

Captain Pedantic alleges he was a run short and that Jayes' bowling figures were a maiden down. What a nit-picker!
Slap on wrist noted Guppy Lad!

* The Web Master makes mental note - must try harder! *

Bails Returns

The Bronzed Adonis has returned from his training camp.

The Ilkley Lads all clubbed together last week to send Bails to a high altitude training camp in the Andalucian mountains to work on his fitness, fielding technique and hopefully have some key-hole on his dodgy knee.

The blog can exclusively reveal that Bails found the experience highly beneficial and is targetting some big runs over the next few weeks!

Cricket Nets and World Cup Sweepstakes

Captain Quaife ordered his troops in for nets on Tuesday night to get some much needed batting practice and then to have a couple of cheeky beers in the ICC clubhouse to watch England vs Sweden.
Food was provided by Dawse Catering who didn't quite do his sums right and only brought in 2 Fish & Chips and a Fish Butty - even Jesus couldn't have worked miracles with that!
Cleggy was running the bar and dragged the punters off the street with a complimentary free pint!
And Wheels organised a sweepstake which was rigged so the winnings could go toward the Button Wedding! Fred winning first goalscorer after plucking Jo Cole out of the hat and Ange "I should be on Match of the Day, me" guessing the correct score!

And it was nice to see Woody turn up... he must get that bladder seen to though!

A good night was had by all!

An Apology

Can I just take a few moments to apologise to Jay Zee of the Baildon Bronx. In last weeks Match Report he was according to our illustrious captain not mentioned enough for a fine bowling spell. Having mused about this for some time, this Web Master has come to the conclusion that Captian Gup is ofcourse right (as he always is by the way!) and that The Dazzler should quite rightly be heaped much praise for a great bowling spell of 21 - 5 - 69 -3

Well done Darren!

Game 9 - Harden (Away)

Date - Saturday 17th June 2006

A short Match report this week as disappointment is blocking much of the game out.

If catches had been held by the Ilkley lads... ?

Captain Quaife WON (yes, won!) the toss and chose to bowl on the small Harden ground. Rhodesy and Dickie both bowled good opening spells particularly Dickie whose first 32 balls didn't go for a single run!

Rhodesy got the first wicket with a superb piece of fast bowling, making the Harden opener look like a real mug!

Other highlights from the bowling and fielding were Jay Zee picking up a superb 17.1 - 3 - 40 - 6 (Yes that would be a sixfor Captain Pedantic!), Bails taking a good catch and a great run out by Jo 'Lager' Varley - the People's Choice for Champagne Moment!

Harden had a late flurry at the end of their innings and managed to creep above two hundred eventually finishing 206 all out.

The Ilkley innings again got off to a shocker with Santy getting caught 2nd ball. Bails and Cocky did what they do best and steadied the ship before Bails was caught with the score on 62, Wheels looked the part as soon as he was in, quickly getting to the mid-twenties before he was out to one that rose sharply. Cocky was batting well at his end and playing some excellent shots and the ICC lads were hoping he could carry his bat but alas it was not to be as he was decieved by the spinner and bowled for 33. With the score on 114 Guppy and Paul again found themselves batting with each other and the score ticked along nicely until Gup was stumped off the Ginger Whinger for 15.

Rhodesy received a white hot reception from the Harden fielders and spectators but did well to block it out and got to 14 quickly before being caught. With 8 overs left and 154 on the board Dickie at first secured 2 points and then nudged Paul along to quieten the opposition and get close toward victory. With 4 overs left and just 32 needed, Dickie played a big shot straight down the ground only to be held by a good catch right on the edge. With that went any hope of victory and Lager batted well to secure the losing draw whilst The Hustler carried his bat for a thoroughly well deserved 52.

So heads were down after the game but the lads should not lose heart. No-one has yet outplayed us yet and for a few catches being held and a bit of composure out in the middle The ICC could quite easily be 8 points better off.

Next up Colton at home, COME ON THE ICC!

Thanks once again to Brian for the fantastic pictures - they really make the Match Report.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Game 8 - Skipton (Home)

Date 10th June 2006

On an absolutely beautiful day for cricket Ilkley welcomed Skipton to the home of cricket, Denton Road.

With not a cloud in the sky and temperatutes reaching 30 degrees it was perfect cricket weather.
Some things never change though and Guppy's luck with the coin continued as he lost yet another toss!

The Skipton skipper wanted to watch England first... sorry bat first and the Ilkley bowlers had initial crack with the ball for the first time this season.

The Skipton innings started brightly as the two openers got stuck in to anything loose from Harrison and Rhodes. The bowlers weren't helped by some very poor fielding in the first ten overs, but Captain Quaife gave the desired kick up the backside and the Ilkley lads were soon back on task. Rhodes was brought off early and replaced by Jayes and this would be the only bowling change of the whole Skipton innings as Harrison and Jayes really tightened the screw and bowled tidily and econmically. Harrison was the first with the breakthrough as Santy held on to a tidy catch at gully. As each new batsmen came in they were keen to tell the Ilkley lads the footy score... a sure sign that their minds were eleswhere! Ilkley capitialised on this and Jayes and Harrison deservedly reduced Skipton to 176-7. Both bowlers deserve praise for bowling long spells in very hot conditions, particularly the elder statesman Harrison who bowled a full 25 overs for 5-71

With England holding onto a 1-0 lead Ilkley were hoping for an England/Ilkley double but after Santy was caught at cover the second ball, doubts were raised.
Cocky went in at three and soon looked his old self, batting solidly and partnering Bails well. After 15 overs and the score on 63 the initial scare was firmly at the back of everyones mind but then Cocky was caught at point and Wheels joined Bails at the crease. He hadn't been in long before he was run out and Dover went in. Bails was batting very positively and played some lovely straight drives and Russell was punishing anything short, a cut shot to the long boundary in particularly nice shot.
With the attacking Dover and Bails now playing his shots, the scoreboard was ticking along at a healthy rate. With just 35 runs required Bails was bowled but walked off to loud applause scoring 72 runs. Guppy soon got stuck in to the tiring Skipton attack and even scampered some cheeky singles and two's! Dover was caught at cover but batted well for his 22 runs. Richy Rhodes went in at 7 and with 10 runs needed. Guppy was caught behind at the other end though and Andy Lad joined his brother at the crease. After getting dropped first ball the Rhodes' brought it home and Ilkley celebrated a convincing victory!
Captain Quaife was pleased but noted that both he and The Hustler should have carried their bats and that Ilkley's first 10 overs in the field is not to happen again. Next up is Harden away who currently sit top of the table and this will be a real test that the Ilkley lads should look forward to. A good performance and victory against them will really put Ilkley in the shake-up.

Up the ICC!

Many thanks again to Brian for the use of his excellent photos!

Twenty20 - Burley (Away)

Date - Thursday 8th June

Lost by 0.3 of a run - need we say more!?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Game 7 - New Rover (Away)

Date - 3rd June 2006

Before the game New Rover were 7 points behind Ilkley and The ICC lads were hoping to put a bit more daylight between the two teams. It was a new ground to many of the Ilkley players, New Rover having recently applied to the Aire Whare League. A welcome addition it is too... the ground is immaculate, enjoying the benefits of full-time groundsman Keith Boyce. A small picket fence runs adjacent to the boundary edge, the ground sits in an elevated postion and amongst woodland - a very pretty ground indeed. Money is obviously not much of an issue for the club as Geoffrey Richmond (former City chairman) provides whatever is needed.

And finally the weather did us proud; 6 weeks into the season we eventually get clear blue sky and hot sunshine in which to enjoy the game. No change with Guppy's luck however as he lost the toss a seventh successive time!

Rover Skipper Mike Richmond chose to bowl first and Ilkley had first crack at what looked to be a good batting track.

With Simon unfortunately having to leave us Santy opened the batting with Bails and immediatly looked the part. Any nerves he or indeed his teamates may have had were soon dispelled when he played a lovely cut to the boundary in the third over. At the other end Bails was looking defiant yet graceful, a sublime cover drive in the fifth over particularly elegant.

In the 7th over the young openers had guided Ilkley to 50 without any scares when Bails was on the end of a poor decision, a thick inside edge onto his pad and he was triggered lbw... it would have been funny if it hadn't been so cruel.

Cocky joined Santy at the crease and stared in disbelief as Santy undid all his hard work by charging the New Rover spinner two balls later and was caught at gully. So 50-0 was suddenly 50-2 and with Wheels joining Cocky at the crease it was game on.

Things were to go from bad to worse however, as in the very next over Cocky was caught behind.

52-3 and Paul and Wheels now had a salvation job on their hands.

With 34 overs left the two new boys had to dig in and resurrect the Ilkley innings. It wasn't pretty but they were effective, the two batsmen eventually guiding Ilkley to 130 with 12 overs left. Now was the time to start an attack, but unfortunately for The Hustler, his first big shot was held at Long Off. Paul departed for 33 but he did exactly what was needed and helped build the foundation that Ilkley could hopefully progress from.

Guppy joined Wheels in the middle and showed just how good touch he was in... smashing a gigantic six over mid-wicket.
Wheels too tried to push on, pinching singles and the odd boundary.
Captain Quaife was caught and bowled but scored a respectable 14 and made way for new Italian signing Tourettes Rhodsi.

Wheels and Rhodesy weren't to partner each other for long however as Wheels was caught on the edge.

The two Rhodes Boys were in the middle but within 6 balls Richy Lad was run out by Andy Lad!

Dickie and Andy played some big shots with 5 overs left, particularly Andy who hit two big sixes. The scorers were busy and perhaps Dick was unfortunate to have played on chasing a wide one.

Joe 'Tiger' Varley went in and helped bump the score along to 176-7 with Rhodesy finishing on an excellent 31.

A tremendous spread was put on by the New Rover Tea Ladies, the Swiss Roll an obvious highlight!

The New Rover innings begun very streakily, the right hander edging two of Dickie's for four. Richmond at the other hand was very slow to get going, eventually pinching a single in the 6th over.

There was almost a run-out after smart work by Wheels but it wasn't given. Not that it was to matter however as Dickie deservedly snared his man the very next delivery, caught behind by the cat-like Varley!

Rhodes can count himself unlucky not to have got a wicket after some good bowling and it was Captain Quaife who replaced him at the top end.
After a slow start Richmond was starting to look very solid and was now playing his shots. It was a familiar tale for each of the Ilkley bowlers... for every good ball they would ball in the over they would bowl a bad one which was punished by the New Rover skipper and his number three. This would ultimately be the downfall. Cocky came on at the other end to replace Dickie and found the two batsmen had settled in and try as he might he too struggled to get anything from an excellent batting track.

Always up with the required run-rate the two New Rover batsmen were pacing their innings excellently and it meant Guppy was trying to mix the bowling up and break the deadlock.

Both Paul and Wheels tried in vain, despite good initial bowling and it was left to Rhodes and Harrison to try and rescue something. With 8 overs left, New Rover required 40.

Richmond however, was on 75 and had the bit between his teeth.
He got stuck in to both the bowlers and accelerated towards his ton. Rhodes number three out, Wheels taking a simple catch at square leg but it was too little too late and in the 46th over Richmond hit the winning runs to make a deserved century.

The Ilkley players should not feel too disheartened after this defeat. It should be noted that Jayes was missing and he would have certainly been an asset on this kind of pitch and the way the middle order fought after a mini collapse show that Ilkley will battle to the death. With excellent team-spirit and the quality to fight for each other in abundance in the ICC dressing room the opposition will write off Ilkley at their peril.

Up next Skipton and a good chance to get back to winning ways!

Up the ICC!

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Jim Fixed It For Wheels!

Poor Cocky lost twenty quid to Wheels on Saturday! On the way to the game Wheels said he saw Sir Saville on Pool Bank - top off, hot pants on and 'Jim'll Fix It' Medallion swinging amidst a forest of grey chest hair! Cocky, the good driver that he is, was by all accounts concentrating on the road and quite rightly didn't believe wind-up merchant Wheels and gambled 20 quid that it was a cock and bull story! How he wished he hadn't... the rest of the Ilkley Lads had all seen Shell Suit Saville and backed Wheels story up! Rumours that Wheels was later seen at the bar getting 9 beers in cannot be verified!!!