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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Game 6 - Ben Rhydding (Home)

Date - 27th May 2006

Ilkley welcomed Ben Rhydding and old friend Leighton Parson's to Denton Road for a good old fashioned local deby.

Ben Rhydding Skipper Joe McTigue had already fanned the flames by boldly predicting victory on forum facility and even requesting the ICC Landlord order extra Red Stripe in for them to celebrate with after!

Fortunately, there was to be no upsets in this particular encounter and the class and pedigree of Ilkley shone through.

For the sixth consecutive time Captain Quaife again lost the toss, Mr McTigue choosing to put The ICC in on a damp, seaming track.

On a sad note Bails and Schwerdt were open the batting for the last time together... Simon having to return home for personal reasons - everyone at the club wishes Simon and his family all the best, he has made many friends during his time at the club and will be missed. Again, these two got Ilkley off to a flier, particular Simon who seemed to relish the opportunity to get stuck in to Ilkley's ex-overseas player. Bails was given a lifeline in the 8th over, getting dropped by silly mid-off after a Parson's delivery popped on a good length.

Unperturbed, the two continued the aggressive style's and in the 14th over Scwerdt had reached his 50. Soon after, Bails played on a McTigue delivery stretching for a wide one. Cocky joined Simon at the crease and with new bat in hand, seemed to adopt a more attacking stroke-play. He wasn't to last long however as Parsons got the reward his hard work deserved and had him caught behind. At the other end, Simon was bludgeoning the ball to all corners of the ground, including three quite monstrous sixes!
Sant and Simon were at the crease together but it wasn't long before Sant was back in the pavilion, caught after 3 overs.

Ilkley were now in a spot of bother, with 154-4 on the board and over 26 overs Dover and Schwerdt needed to dig in and run a few overs down before the middle order came in. Alas, it was not to be as immediately after drinks Schwerdt was held at mid-off, just 5 runs short of his maiden Ilkley century.

Up stepped Wheels, complete with new spikes and pads! And no sooner had he joined Dover at the crease than Russel was caught with a leading edge by mid-wicket.

So, 23 overs still to go, two new batsmen at the crease and Ben Rhydding were cockahoop!

Quaife and Wheels to their credit dug in well, and did just as they required, running the overs down and scoring well when the bad ball came - Quaife getting back to something like his old self with some nice shots straight down the ground and Wheels through the covers and even a hook shot to the short boundary. Just when it seemed Wheels had got in and was ready to take the attack to the Rhydding bowlers he was undone by some good bowling from McTigue and was bowled for 21.

With 11 overs left Rhodes and Quaife now had a platform to push the score on and that the did, Rhodes getting a quick 26 before being bowled and letting Harrison come in a smash 10 in 5 balls. Harrison out the last ball of the game but Captain Quaife carried his bat with an impressive 40 and Ilkley had set an imposing 263-8.
From the outset, the Rhydding lads seemed content to settle for a point. Good opening spells from Harrison, Rhodes and Jayes immediately set the tone and with some tremendous fielding from the Ilkley lads, most notably Dover it was unlikely BRCC were ever going to threaten the Ilkley score. Indeed the most worrying aspect concerning the Ilkley players was the threat of rain in the distance.

The first wicket came in the 6th over after a superb run-out fro the bustling Dover and it was the least Ilkley deserved. The second wicket was not far behind, Wheels holding onto a simple chance at square leg after some tight bowling from Jayes. The catch brought about the removal of Parsons and most likely any chance the Rhydding Boys had of getting anything from the game.

Number 4 came and went in the most ridiculous of dismissals, running halfway down te wicket to try and swipe Rhodes - he missed by a mile and was comprehesively bowled! Captain McTigue cannot have been impressed.

In he came however and batted tidily and set the example. He hit the bad ball but dead-batted anything else. Unfortunately with no help at the other end he was fast running out of partners as Guppy brought himself on and was picking wickets up at regular intervals. The scoring was less than pedestrian and Captain Quaife was trying everything to get a wicket, rotating Jayes, Rhodes, Cockcroft and Dover to no avail. And when the heavens opened and the umpires prematurely brought the players off it seemed Ilkley's hard work was to prove worthless. Fortuantely, it stopped as quickly as it started and despite getting a wicket with 2 overs to go Ben Rhydding hung on at 76-8 and seemed quite content.

Ilkley again experienced victory but will face much tougher opposition at New Rover next week.

Ilkley 263-8 (Schwerdt 95, Quaife 40*, Rhodes 26, Parsons 5-79))
Ben Rhydding 76-8 (Quaife 3-21)

Special thanks to Brian Bailey for allowing us the use of his photos which are an excellent addition to the Match Reports. Many thanks Brian!

World Cup of Beers

On Sunday Fred kindly organised a bit of a whettner for the World Cup... a World Cup of Beers - to raise money for Ilkley CC!

The format was simple - each team would be given a glass of beer from World Cup countries and they had to name the country said beer came from and also what make it was i.e. Lager 1 = USA = Budweiser and so on and so on!

It seems however, that too much beer was consumed as no-one can remember who actually won, a great evening was had by all, Cheers Fred!

P.S. If anyone knows what actually happened to Wheels afterwasrds please let us know!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Rain, rain go away!

Come again in October, we want to play cricket!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lies, damn lies...

and Statistics!

Everyone knows that cricketers are obsessed with numbers, whether it be the number of runs, amount of wickets or totting up figures for tea!

So 4 games into the season here are the best batting and bowling as things stand.

...........................Innings.......Not Outs.....Runs.....H/S.......Avg.....RunRate

Simon Schwerdt-----4-----------0----------190------80------47.5------190.5
Andy Wheeler -------4------------0----------94--------47------47--------100
Paul Dover-----------4-----------1-----------134-------66------44.6------71.4
Nick Cockcroft-------3------------1-----------83-------47-------41.5------51.1
Michael Sant---------4-----------0-----------147-------69------36.7------62.5
Alex Bailey-----------4------------0----------128------95-------32--------33.3


Nick Cockcroft-----39.3---------8------120------15----6/29----3.04----8
Richard Harrison--51.2--------18------145------5-----3/20----2.83---29
Andy Rhodes--------26----------4-------122-----5----3/64----4.69----24.4
Darran Jayes--------23.3--------4-------80------4-----3/15-----3.4----20
Chris Quaife--------13-----------2-------39-------0-----0/18------0-----0

Special thanks to for use of their excellent stat section.

Log on again in a few weeks to see the latest figures!

Up the ICC!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Twenty20 - Otley

Date - Thursday 18th May 2006

The ICC opened their Twenty20 2006 account just as they had done with the league programme... with a comprehensive victory.

The visitors to Denton Road on this cold and damp summer evening were Otley. With entertainment superbly provided by Rhodes Sound Systems (RSS Ltd) an enjoyable evening was had by all.

Ilkley 189-7 (Schwerdt 64, Jakesy 38, Santy 40)
Otley 163-5 (Schwerdt's mate 60, No. 3 58)

Next up - Burley

Monday, May 22, 2006

Game 5 - Menston (Away)


The early cancellation of this game meant that a few of the Ilkley lads could take shelter in The Yard and partake in a few afternoon pints.

In hindsight this was probably a bad idea as both Wheels and Lager were to pay the price.

Rumours have been rife all season regarding Wheels lack of
drinking stamina and unfortunately for him they were proven to be correct. His eyes went and so did he! Carted off by his mum like a naughty schoolboy... will he ever live it down!? Hope he enjoyed the hangover!
The ICC were to witness another casualty though! Just as Dickie was performing a superb solo of Vanilla Ice on the kareoke, Lager went missing. Where could he be? The remaining few looked everywhere! And there he was, happy as larry on the kitchen floor catching some zzzzzz's! Top work JV!

Rhodesy Lad School of Cricket

Here ladies and gentleman is Rhodesy Lad perfectly depicted against Illingworth last week!

With thanks to

Waddilove Cup Round 1, Follifoot (Home)

This re-arranged fixture proved a damp squib to all concerned.

The match was delayed in getting started and the only highlights to report was some excellent bowling from Andy Rhodes and a fine knock from Simon.

Whilst Follifoot batted first and scored 204 (Follifoot's opener scoring a superb 112), unfortunately the weather put paid to an Ilkley response with each batsmen having an eye on the ever darkening clouds and trying to up the run-rate in case the umpires brought the players off.
Suffice to say, despite the rain the players remained in the middle and the Ilkley response was 149 all out.

Good luck to Follifoot in the next round!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Illingworth at home - Game 4

Date Saturday 13th May 2006

After a week of glorius sunshine, the ICC team were looking forward to a double-header of cricket.
Typically, the rain fell overnight and Saturday was a damp, cold and miserable day. AWOL for Saturday's match was Cocky who was having a kickabout with Michael Owen. Youngster Richard Rhodes came in after knocking some substantial runs in the two's.
With both teams riding high at the right end of the table Captain Quaife stated it would be Ilkley's first real test of the season.
Again losing the toss, Ilkley were put in and Bails and Simon got the innings off to a good start before Bails fell to a dubious lbw. Santy was number three this week and with his first ball of the innings played a tremendous shot throgh the legside.
Simon at the other end was his usual attacking self and started to get stuck into the Illingworth Aussie, including clubbing a beautiful 6 into Denton Road. Another four followed the next ball and with 14 already off the over it seemed the Illingworth skipper would take the foul-mouthed bowler off... alas with his final delivery he pitched one on a length and the unfortunate Simon was bowled by one that kept low.

'Russell the Hustler and Bustler' Dover joined Sant and promptly decided to run his colleague out, the unfortunate Sant stranded halfway down the wicket. With the score on 86-3 and with 30 overs left Wheels walked out and tried to steady the ICC nerves. The Hustler and Wheels batted well together, hitting the bad ball when necessary but otherwise trying to run the overs down and protect the middle and lower order from a decent Illingworth attack. Just as Wheels started to look comfortable and was seeing the ball well he too fell the same way as Simon and got a straight one that rolled, bowled for 15.

Making his debut with the bat for the first and coming in at number six, much to the delight of his proud brother was Richie Rhodes. With 19 overs left and the Illingworth bowlers seemingly on top it was no easy time but the young left-hander took it all in his giant stride and played some quite majestic shots all around the wicket. Paul was battling hard at the other end and was doing a great impersonation of the absent Cockcroft, grinding one's and two and generally proving a nuisance to the Illingworth bowlers.
With 13 overs left both batsmen now sensed it was time to take the attack to the opposition and boundaries were coming at regular intervals, especially from the bat of Dover who had now advanced to 48. And when he hit a wonderful cut through point to notch a well deserved maiden 50 for the ICC - good work The Hustler.

At the other end youngster Rhodes got a shocker from the umps, given out lbw despite almost shaking hands with the Illingworth spinner such was the distance he was down the wicket. But he deservdly received a rich round of applause from the shivering spectators after scoring a well crafted 24... well done Rhodes Junior.

Andy 'Tourettes' Rhodes came in at 7 but he was soon back in the pavilion getting caught at cover. The poor boundary marker outside the changing room had drawn this weeks short straw, Andy Lad smashing it across the outfield in frustration.

Captain Quaife hurried to the crease and scurried soon back, out caught behind.

The ICC were in danger of collapsing here and when Paul was caught for an excellent 72 the remaining Ilkley batsmen came and went for very few, eventually Jayes getting caught for none with still an over left. How costly this late collapse would prove only time would tell.

At tea, Paul was somewhat disappointed much to the bemusement of his teamates who had just witnessed his best innings for the ICC - then they saw the telly, Liverpool 2 - 3 West Ham (unlucky Paul, there's always next season said the sympathetic Guppy!).

Rhodes Senior and Dick opened the ICC bowling and the impressive Rhodes in particular was bowling quite superbly - genuine pace and movement from the young quickie.

After 7 overs and only 12 runs on the board the ICC lads were anticipating the early pressure would show and that a breakthrough was imminent. Then the Illingworth opener hit one straight to mid-wicket where Richy Rhodes was patrolling a went for a suicidal single, the youngster picked the ball up cleanly and threw the ball like a missile at the stumps... unfortunatley he missed his target but got second prize and felled the batsmen after smashing the ball straight into his ankle! And so a new nickname was born... Richy 'Sniper' Rhodes! Good shot lad!

Guppy brought himself on at Rhodesy end where he had bowled his limit. The skipper played a blinder and finished an excellent first over with a wicket bowling the opener all ends up.

This was to be the only breakthrough for too long, Sledger of Illingworth and Number 3 proved to be stubborn resistance, calmly accumulating runs at a steady rate.

Dover tried in vain, Guppy also but credit to both batsmen they gave little away apart from a spilled chance from Bails with 14 overs to go. The ICC boys kept their heads up however, Captain Quaife, Rich, Wheels and Paul all rallying the troops.

In a last throw of the dice Skip brought back on Andy Rhodes and he soon got back in the groove bowling some magnificent deliveries, beating the edge time and again. But when Sledger mis-timed a drive in the air to no-one it was too much for the frustrated youngster and he let fly with a few choice expletives for the opening batsmen. The umpire was not impressed and requested Guppy calm his fiery bowler down. Like all good captains, he managed to get the best from Rhodesy Lad and two balls later the youngster had the last laugh catching Sledger off his own bowling! Rhodesy produced a great imitation of Brett Lee, punching his fists in delight.
And the very next ball he bowled a jaffa and off-stump was cart-wheeling out of the ground before Number 4 had played his attempted drive! Hat-trick on but it wasn't meant to be.

With 6 overs left and 18 runs to chase it was game on!

Dick was trying to keep runs down and after Andy Rhodes had again finished his quota Captain Quaife threw the ball to Junior Rhodes to try and inspire Ilkley to victory with 2 overs left. Alas, despite some fine deliveries the Illingworth batsmen knocked the winning runs off and in fairness it was probably a deserved victory.

Captain Quaife was not too disheartened by the defeat and hoped it would serve as a kick up the backside for his men who may have thought Division C would be a breeze. Words were said about the collapse of the lower order and it is to be hoped this was taken on board and that lessons will be learnt.

Paul The Hustler was a happy man though… Liverpool triumphed on penalties winning the FA Cup!

Not that he could celebrate in the bar for too long though as the lads would be back in the morning for the rearranged cup match against Division A front runners Follifoot.

Up The ICC!

Current League Table

Just to keep you up to date with the current league standings. The ICC sit third at present after 4 games. With only two automatic places to Division B it looks sure to be a tense season.

Club --------------- Played ------- Total Pts

New Rover.............................4................................14
Bolton Villas..........................4................................13
Colton ...................................4................................11
Alwoodley .............................4...............................10
Ben Rhydding .......................4.................................8
Woodhouse ..........................4.................................7
Addingham ...........................4.................................2
Skipton .................................4.................................1

Come on The ICC!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Support Your Club!

Check out for everything ICC orientated. It is a superb site, complete with message board and guest book. In our opinion however, the best bit of the site has to be the excellent Stats section. Every stat you could ever think of is on here, complete with graphs and pie charts (not the edible kind Simon!).

It really is a 'one stop shop' for everything to do with Ilkley Cricket Club, ranging from the Under 9's to the 1st XI. Support your club and take a few minutes to have look round the site!

The Phantom Blogger!

News is getting round the clubhouse of the blog! Go to and see for yourself. No-one is owning up at the moment but the finger has been pointed at all three new boys - Cocky, Wheels or The Hustler, whilst some think it could be the debonair and handsome Jo Varley.

All will be revealed...

Or will it!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Player Profiles

Chris Quaife (Captain)

An exciting and attacking batsman who has plundered runs throughout his career, Guppy's never-say-die attitude and enthusiasm rubs off on his players and has the respect of all of his men.
Recently concentrated much of his efforts on bowling like his all-time hero - Robert Croft... except Guppy's better!
However, his fielding is almost as painful to witness as his cheesy gags!
After moving from darn sarf as a kid to Gods Own Country Guppy typically chose to support Man Utd... strange that! And who said he bears a striking resemblance to Desperate Dan?!

Jo Varley (wk / Vice-Captain)

A nickname of 'Lager' would probably make you think that Jo likes a drink or two... and you'd be right! Where this man puts his drink is anyone’s guess but his slight build has known to guzzle its way through over 50 pints on a weekend.
An excellent wicketkeeper who always rallies the troops. Despite first impressions Jo is actually an intelligent bloke and amongst his literature portfolio are articles for such esteemed academic journals such as The Beano and Shoot.

Michael Sant

An artist by profession one would expect Santy to be in the Michael Vaughan mould, playing delicate shots along the floor, beautiful cut shots through point and exquisite drives through the cover region but no Santy is a brute of a cricketer and eats up the most intimidating of bowlers for breakfast. The sheer size of this hairy beast enable him to mis hit sixes and he bullies and destroys whatever anyone dare throw down at him. Off the wicket you couldn't meet a nicer chap.

Nick Cockcroft

New signing Cocky is a genuine allrounder. A stubborn right handed batmen, a crafty left-arm spinner and quick as lightening cover point fielder. Batting at number 3 he will hold any innings together and invariably provides the platform for his teamates to go on and score the runs. His trademark shot would have to be his down on one knee cover drive - simply delightful.

Paul Dover

Despite being an Ilkley resident for more than ten years 'nice but dim' Paul didn't realise there was a cricket club right on his doorstep and every weekend for the last ten summers has travelled all the way to Thackley!!!
After his three year old son pointed out his dads mistake he joined The ICC this year and has immediately proved a popular member of the dressing room... despite being a Liverpool fan!

Richard Harrison

A man of few words, 'Dicky' as he affectionately likes to be known is your typical, blunt Yorkshireman... especially when it comes to getting a drink in for the lads. Recently, an unidentified member of the camp had a look in Richards wallet and found 3 shillings, a rations book and a Penny Farthing stamp.
An exceptional bowler who took a magnificent 10 for at the end of Season 2005 he is sure to spearhead the ICC bowling artillary, especially as he was given a pair of new knees at Christmas.

Simon Schwerdt

Ladies man Simon has already proved a hit with the fairer sex and if some reports are to be believed Aussie Simon has scored more notches than he has runs - and this genuine batsmen is a prolific run machine!
Immediately proving a popular lad amongst ALL his teamates and living with two other Aussies above a pub Simon has settled remarkably well in Yorkshire. Simon has set himself a target of a thousand runs... and a thousand women.

Andy Wheeler

The other new boy in the squad, Wheels is an attacking left-handed batsmen and economic seam bowler. Fielder - hmm maybe not! Wheel’s is another one who has soon settled in to the spirit of ICC and his enthusiasm and determination to get the team up the divisions should prove a real asset in the future. Stories of a lack of stamina at drinking have yet to be corroborated first hand but with an anonymous tip-off it seems only a matter of time.

Alex Bailey

Bail’s is the baby of the group and as such the team like to put a protective arm around its young prodigy and Bails is more than happy to guzzle from Guppy's mighty bosoms.
Alex is an exciting young talent and an attacking opener. His ondrives have been known to leave his teamates drooling - 'sublime' was the word invented for that particular shot.
Bails often tours the world with his thrash-metal band and his sex, drugs and rock & roll tour image contrasts sharply with his quiet, witty persona around The ICC.
Bails is sure to be a success this season, he's hard-working and a battler to the end.

Darren Jayes

Dazzler or Jay Ze as he is known in the hood, is a gangsta and came to Ilkley via the Caribbean... man.
A thinking mans cricketer and clever left arm spinner he uses flight and changes of pace to outwit even the most clever of batsmen. A quiet man around the dressing room, this disguises a steely edge and an intensity to win.
Genuine number 11.

Andrew Rhodes

A fiery, aggressive, fast bowler this youngster is sure to terrorise opposition batsmen for years to come. Despite being only just old enough to consume alcohol he is the only man who can rival Lager in the drinking stakes. Unfortunately, he also the only man who match Lager's garish wardrobe, much to the amusement of Yorkshire's women!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Waddilove Cup, Round 1

Date - Sunday 7th May 2006

Home to Follifoot (Postponed)

Unfortunately, extra curricular activity involving Bails and Rhodesy Lad from the previous night had left the ICC pitch unplayable.

(Note; 'Officially' a waterlogged pitch prevented play)

Game to be replayed Sunday 14th May

Alwoodley Away - Game 3

Saturday 6th May 2006

Alwoodley away, maybe the powers that be should declare this as a 'Site of Outstanding Natural Beauty'. No offence to any of our Woodhouse friends but within a week the ICC has seen probably the 2 most contrasting of grounds Division C has to offer... Alwoodley is set back away from the hustle and bustle of a busy main road and driving slowly down the little dirt lane you are transported into a beautiful and peaceful haven of sport. 2 cricket grounds are adjacent to Old Leo's Rugby Club and Alwoodley CC is bordered by deep, dark woodland where the songs of whistling birds are only temporarily silenced by leather on willow, the occasional polite applause for a good shot... or the annoying honk of Mrs Harrison’s car horn when the ICC have taken another wicket!!!

Ilkley went into this game on the back of successive opening victories and with an unchanged team from the Woodhouse game. Spirit was good and a bit of pre-game slip catching settled any nerves some may have had, Dick managing to catch every single chance that came his way... a sign of things to come perhaps?
The Skip lost another toss but it didn't matter as Alwoodley chose to put us in which is what he wanted!

Simon and Bails opened as per usual and despite the awkward slant the wicket has both played the ACC quickies well, particular Schwerdty who seemed to enjoy the ball coming on to him that bit quicker. Bail’s was out very uncharacteristically however, playing all round a straight one.

Cocky went in with the score 30-1 and he too was soon back in the pavilion, unfortunate to play on as only the one bail was dislodged.

In walked Santy. Within minutes however, the Alwoodley keeper had taken an absolute stormer to dismiss Aussie Simon... the ICC lads and to be fair the Alwoodley team could not believe their eyes as this was the same man who so far couldn't catch the proverbial cold! So Paul now joined Santy in the middle and the ICC were at a rocky 60-3 with 32 overs left.

Paul and Santy batted really well and with these two attacking batsmen ICC were never in danger of retreating into their shells. Santy in particular was going for his shots and was fortunate to be dropped on a number of occasions. But ride his luck he did and the ICC faithful were more than happy with the generosity of the Alwoodley fielders!

With 10 overs to go Santy and Paul had steered the ship safely and Paul went for a booming drive only to be held at cover. Paul wasn't to know he was so close to making his maiden 50 for the ICC finishing on 45 but he should take solace that if he continues to bat in this vein that landmark is only just round the corner.

Fellow new boy Wheels replaced Paul and he decided to go for the tired Alwoodley jugular, immediately hitting 8 from his first three balls and encouraging a weary Santy to continue playing his aggressive game. More dropped catches were to follow before Santy was clean bowled with 6 overs left. He finished on 69 and was warmly applauded by the ICC dressing room for a job well done.

Captain Quaife came and went with a dubious lbw that even the Alwoodley bowler thought Guppy had middled!

Not that this was to matter as Rhodesy Lad came in and smashed the ACC bowlers all round the ground, including one huge 6! Wheels and Rhodes tormented the Alwoodley quickies and Rhodesy helped nick a few extra runs with some excellent running between the wickets.
Wheels and Rhodes both carried their bats and the ICC finished on 220-6.

The Alwoodley teas were a hearty affair and were enjoyed by all. However, during the break the ICC players seemed oblivious to the fact that a huge black cloud was making its way toward the ground!
And on entering the field of play to get the Alwoodley reply underway spots of rain were indeed falling. Not that this was to put off Rhodes and Harrison who soon used the conditions to their advantage, getting the ball to nip and dart round. The rain became heavier and the batsmen were now gesturing to the umpires to come off. To the umpires credit however, they let play continue and after 6 overs the shower had past... credit where its due, the umpires were right in allowing play to go on.
Finally, Rhodesy Lad got his reward and indeed his first wicket of 2006 as the Alwoodley opener holed out to Wheels at mid-on. 4 balls later and Rhodes was unlucky as the new batsmen edged to first slip where the normally reliable Harrison dropped it. (Maybe Dick had used all his luck at slip practice!). Rhodes kept his head up and watched in awe as Bails took the catch of the season so far with a splendid one handed catch far to his left at mid-wicket. Superb!
And before long Rhodesy got another, Guppy taking a smart chance at mid on.

Captain Quaife decided to take the tiring Rhodes off and brought Cocky into the action. With Dick bowling a tight and economic line at the other end, the ICC were taking a real stranglehold on the game.
Cocky once again didn't take long to get into the game and with his 5th ball bowled the ACC number 4 all ends up!

At the other end Dick finally got the wicket his spell deserved as Jo Varley took a nick close behind the stumps. At 60-5 the Alwoodley lower order had two options – ‘Option 1’ - dig deep, bat properly and try and get a point or ‘Option 2’ - play recklessly, go for big shots and give their wickets away cheaply. They went for option 2!

Cocky then bowled one of his clever full tosses that Guppy snaffled up. Then Rhodesy became the new owner of the title 'Catch of the Season' as he somehow managed to jump 2 yards in the air and pluck a bullet from the sky from Harrison’s bowling.

Jayes now replaced Dick and maybe should have held on to a chance off his own bowling in his first over... he certainly wishes he had as the fumbled attempt split his finger open and he wimpered off the field to find a plaster!

With his confidence on the up Cocky took the game by the scruff and proceeded to open up the soft underbelly of the Alwoodley batsmen and took his second 5for in successive weeks! Well bowled lad!

Ilkley 220-6 (Sant 69, Dover 45, Wheeler 34*,Schwerdt 24) Alwoodley 99 all out (Cockcroft 5-31, Rhodes 3-26)

After the game some interesting stats from resident Statto Paul 'The Bustler' Dover were noted.

In three games this season ICC have scored over 200 runs each innings.

In these three games the ICC bowlers have bowled mangaged to bowl the opposition out twice.

Only once in these games has a catch been put down.

So Alwoodley capitulated for 99 and the ICC juggernaught rumbles along. Captain Quaife was quick to praise his men but quite rightly equally as quick to tell them that the high standards must be kept, that a long season is ahead and to battle to the death.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Woodhouse Away - Game 2

Date 29th April 2006 - Woodhouse Away

On arrival at the postage stamp that is Woodhouse Cricket Club you could almost see the Ilkley batsmen licking their lips when they realised the proximity of the boundary edge to the crease! Even Cocky fancied hitting his first ever six in Senior cricket!!!


C Quaife (Capt)
A Bailey
N Cockcroft
P Dover
R Harrison
D Jayes
A Rhodes
M Sant
S Schwerdt
J Varley (wk)
A Wheeler

Captain Quaife was quick to warn against any complacency however and told his batsmen to ‘get set, bat properly and the runs would come’.

After winning his first toss of the season Guppy elected to bat and the opening pair of Simon and Bails strode confidently out to the middle... and what a first over! Aussie Simon promptly smashed Woodhouses’s opening bowler for 20 runs, including a huge six into the beck that runs behind the ground.
Simon, it seemed was in no mood to hang around and got the ICC off to a flyer smashing 45 off the first 4 overs!

Bails was a little more sedate in his approach and was happy to give Simon the strike calmly knocking runs all around the ground before again succumbing to an lbw on 20.

No panic at this point and with Cocky coming in at three the ICC team were a happy bunch of men. Cockcroft got off to an uncharacteristic start, rapidly advancing into double figures before he remembered who he was and swiftly reverted back to self and dead batted the next 59 deliveries!
At the other end Simon was still on a mission and with only 15 overs gone and already on 80 the ICC team were hoping to see its first centurion of the season. Alas, Woodhouse changed its bowling and the new man quickly had Simon caught on the boundary edge.

In walked No. 4 Sant and he soon walked back! Calling a suicidal single off his own shot he was expertly run out by mid on from a superb direct hit.

And so out strode the immaculately attired Paul Dover. He joined the ever-dependable Cockcroft in the middle and the conversation must have been to consolidate for a while. The WCC 2nd change had other ideas though and came up with a cunning plan – Ball 1, full toss. Ball 2, full toss (ah, maybe he knows of Pauls weakness against full tosses, thought the Ilkley dressing room!) Ball 3, half-tracker. Ball 4, genuine half volley that PD smashed straight at cover. Ball 5 – he bowls the delivery of the game, pitches it on a length on leg stump, Paul plays down that line before realises too late that the ball was now heading for the top of off-stump. It flicked the bail and much hollering and whooping from the bowler followed happy in the knowledge that he’d stuck to his plan and worked out the destructive Dover before he got going!

And so with their tales somewhat raised the WCC saw the left-handed Wheeler walk to the middle and smelt victory. With 28 overs still remaining, Ilkley were in danger of sprinting this particular marathon. With 140 runs on the board the two former Burley players knew that at least runs weren’t a problem, survival and the protection of the lower order was the immediate priority. It wasn’t quite the scenario Wheels would have liked to have made his debut for the ICC with his bat but any nerves he may have had were soon dispelled with a tidy single off his first delivery. The two Burley Boys batted well together and clearly enjoyed each others styles of play. The defence-minded Cockcroft was happy for Wheels to play a more expansive and fluent game and with 10 overs left and the hundred partnership in their sights Wheels decided to push on... Shezad the overseas player was on and after dispatching his first two deliveries straight back over his head for huge sixes, Wheels went for one hit too many and was caught on the boundary three short of his 50.

Captain Quaife stepped up to the plate and despite recent eye problems he rolled back the years and showed his class with some lovely shots through the off-side. It was all out attack from Ilkley now and with the lower order going for their shots, the wickets and runs were aplenty and the Ilkley innings ended in the last over as the ICC were all out for 280. Cockcroft was unfortunate to be out lbw close to getting his 50 but credit must be given as he held the innings together and built a platform that that the team felt they could defend.
At this point it is only right to mention the bowling performance of Captain Bray for Woodhouse who bowled terrifically well for 24 overs going for just 46 runs.

A magnificent spread by the Woodhouse tea-lady interrupted proceedings for half an hour, the jam tarts a particular highlight!

And so Rhodes and Harrison opened the bowling. Rhodes can count himself unlucky as after a good first two overs the Woodhouse batsmen decided to get after him and he did end up going for a 2 or three 6's.
The pressure was maintained at the other end by Dick however; whom produced some real jaffa's to keep the WCC pair on their toes and got his reward when he bowled Holmes for 20.
At this point Guppy brought Paul Dover into the attack but the Woodhouse batsmen simply would not allow Paul to settle into any kind of rhythm and unfortunately for him he too was brought off after just 4 overs. This was strong but good captaincy from the skipper and after consultation with his right-hand man Jo Varley he decided to swap Harrison to the bottom end and bring on left arm spinner Cockcroft. This proved to be an inspired decision as Cocky got a wicket with his very first ball!
With Harrison now into the groove at the other end pressure soon began to show when another Cockcroft pearler brought overseas player Shezad to the crease Woodhouse were looking down the barrel. Shezad and partner Pickles weren't about to give up without a fight though and when Shezad decided to get some of his own back on Ilkley, he smashed Harrison to all parts of the ground in one over scoring 26 off it in the process. Cocky again held his nerve though and when he bowled 3 consecutive dot balls the pressure got to Shezad and the Pakistani went for another big shot only to see it rocket straight into the hands of Jayes on the boundary edge. Shezad certainly deserved the generous applause he received from both his Ilkley counterparts and the Woodhouse faithful.
The catch effectively put Woodhouse out of the game with the score at 150-5. On came Jayes himself and within 10 overs the ICC had the game wrapped up. Cocky picked up a great 6-29 and Jayes mopped up the tail taking a quick 3-15.

Ilkley CC 277 all out (Schwerdt 62, Cockcroft 47 Wheeler 47)
Woodhouse 179 all out (Cockcroft 12-4-29-6, Harrison 14-6-62-1, Jayes 5.3-1-15-3)

And so the ICC establish themselves as the early pacesetters at the top of Aire Wharfe Division C. Captain Quaife targeted promotion at the beginning of the campaign and he could not at this stage expect any more from his troops. Nevertheless, he will now be insistent that the team stick to the high standards they have set themselves.

Sunday 7th May brings Division A team Follifoot to Denton Road and this will be a real opportunity for the Ilkley squad to pit their wits against some quality opposition.

Up the ICC!