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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anger Management

The ICC skipper is immensely competitive person and in a three week period this passion has erupted like a volcano. His frenzy on the five-a-side field included kicking players, most notably a late challenge on The Hustler and trying to change a light bulb from ten yards at half time. Concerns were sent to the Aire-Wharfe’s Umpires Committee and Gup was going to be the one to watch for potential flare ups in the forthcoming season. However, after anger management classes and extreme workouts with Wheels, we are pleased to announce this frenzy was a minor indiscretion and Gup’s temper is firmly under control. The ICC footballers are delighted with this transformation, however local sports shop (Dobs & Robs) may be forced to close after reporting a massive drop in sales of shin pads!


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