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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Alex bales out of first game with gay injury

The ICC first team will be without the services of opening batsmen Alex Bailey after some holiday larking about with a punching machine. The ever competitive Bails, in an attempt, to keep his hard man image (much to the annoyance of ‘whats that smell, oh its Rhodesy!’) punched so hard he damaged his wrist.

ICC players were stunned when they heard he was missing the first game as Bails had never mentioned he had a wrist problem. Being a team player and selfless professional he did not want to hinder the season’s preparation by drawing notice to his injury and possibly distract attention away from the rest of the team. Bails is on the mend and fortunately he has learnt to eat his spaghetti carbonara with his left hand. Get well soon pal.

Bails above - possibly contemplating his next combo on Rhodesy Lad perhaps!?


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