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Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Signings 2007

The ICC blogger would like to welcome the new signings to the first team squad. Quality players like these three will add depth and provide greater choice for Captain Gup. First of all we have managed to prize Dan Walker (Joachen Phoenix) from his latest Hollywood blockbuster. Dan is an opening batsman who can bowl sharp left arm seam, with a particularly composed knock in York; the omens look good for our overseas starlet. However less can be said about his drinking, witnesses on the Scarborough Tour have reported spillages of drinks and some interesting downhill skiing dance moves.

The second new recruit is Richard Broadley (Mr Tickle) who has made the move from rivals Burley this season. Concerns have been made that Rich may miss close friends Mr Slow, Mr Lazy and Mr Funny, but I am sure the ICC boys will make him feel at home. Rich is a tall left arm pace bowler who hits the seam consistently as well as being an accomplished lower order batsmen.

The third new arrival is Neil McLelland who arrives from Bolton Villas, he was introduced to the club by the Hustler who was a friend and a former team mate of Macca’s at Thackley. Macca is a relative unknown to the ICC Blogger but reports from Scarborough suggests he is a lively right arm seamer and a quacking lower - middle order batsmen.

Hopefully Macca will field well in the Ringo and forge a good opening bowling partnership with Harrison. (Fuck all rhymes with Lennon!)


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