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Friday, June 23, 2006

Cricket Nets and World Cup Sweepstakes

Captain Quaife ordered his troops in for nets on Tuesday night to get some much needed batting practice and then to have a couple of cheeky beers in the ICC clubhouse to watch England vs Sweden.
Food was provided by Dawse Catering who didn't quite do his sums right and only brought in 2 Fish & Chips and a Fish Butty - even Jesus couldn't have worked miracles with that!
Cleggy was running the bar and dragged the punters off the street with a complimentary free pint!
And Wheels organised a sweepstake which was rigged so the winnings could go toward the Button Wedding! Fred winning first goalscorer after plucking Jo Cole out of the hat and Ange "I should be on Match of the Day, me" guessing the correct score!

And it was nice to see Woody turn up... he must get that bladder seen to though!

A good night was had by all!


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