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Friday, June 23, 2006

Captain Pedantic

On Saturday 17th June at the Harden game Captain Quaife fired a verbal volley of abuse the ICC dressing room has never seen the like of before. The victim of this nasty tirade? Wheels for some shoddy throwing? No! Santy Lad for a dropped catch? No! Was it then Rhodesy Lad for losing his head at the end of his bowling spell? NO!

So what could have riled Captain Quaife so much that the anger and venom spouting forth was peeling the paintwork from the Harden dressing room?

Well it turns out that yours truly made some major errors in last weeks Match Report and El Capitano was not impressed!

Captain Pedantic alleges he was a run short and that Jayes' bowling figures were a maiden down. What a nit-picker!
Slap on wrist noted Guppy Lad!

* The Web Master makes mental note - must try harder! *


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