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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fred's Birthday!

WARNING! The following pictures are not suitable for pregnant women, people with a heart condition and those of a nervous disposition. Any material that offends... blame Fred!
Birthday Boy as Myrah Hindley aka Barney Rubble!
Hard Man Sant with Lovely Laura, Woody the Bumble Bee
and Tourettes Ringo Rhodes

Hero of the Day - Captain Gup (great knock Skip!) with Basketball Legend Leighton 'Slam Dunk' Parsons!

Shabba Dave as the Blushing Bride!

Krooner The Boxer, Mrs Bumble Bee and Boris Becker

George Harrison and Bananaman (what a great word 'bananaman' is by the way!) discussing tactics!

Mrs Bailey the Bird, Dawse looking remarkably sober and BB as a Brazilian!Mrs Wheels the Bunny, John Lennon and Shabba Jo as a stunning Bouquet

Top Picture! A Bear and a Bumble Bee drinking into the small hours!

You always save the best til last... Cleggy and poor old Dawse. One pint too many mate?

Many thanks to Ben and Ange for a top night! A good night was certainly had by ALL!

(Pictures courtesy of that man again Brian Bailey - thank you!)


  • At 9:22 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Brilliant photos, you sure know how to party on down you ICC doods! Was that Bradford City Boy ok? as he looks to be in a frightful state.


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